Chelsea Restaurant & Bar Guide

Common Grill

112 South Main Street
Chelsea, MI 48118
(734) 475-0470

Call this place what you will, it is anything but common. In fact, it is exceptional in every way. The staff believes in presenting fresh, imaginative American dishes while providing outstanding service. There are many devoted regulars that frequent 112 South Main Street and you need to be one of them. We do need to warn you that the portions are huge which means that you will have another meal or two once you get home. When you are walking out of this place, you will be saying delicious, delicious, delicious.

Smokehouse 52 Barbecue

125 South Main Street
Chelsea, MI 48118<
(734) 562-2565

There is nothing like phenomenal barbecue. And that is exactly what this place has. You name it, they have it in terms of barbecue but we recommend the brisket. The owner is always around and will check to see how you are doing and if you need anything. And for the amount of food that you get, you won't believe the prices. The sauces will tantalize your taste buds and the atmosphere will have you in a relaxed state at 125 South Main Street. A must stop if you are in the area.

Zou Zou's

101 North Main Street
Chelsea, MI 48118
(734) 433-4226

By the owners own admission, this place was started with the idea of providing a place that was cozy, artsy and comfortable. The owner was born in France and hence the French theme of the cafe. Now, as for the cuisine, wait until you sample the fresh-baked brioche, the croissants, and the quiche. The atmosphere at 101 North Main Street could best be described as rustic. There is free wifi and the walls have the artwork of local artists. This is a quaint place that is definitely worth putting on your to go list.

Cleary's Irish Pub

113 South Main Street
Chelsea, MI 48118
(734) 475-1922

What a great establishment to visit when you need to see a friendly face and experience some amazing food and a cozy atmosphere. This is a favorite among the locals which is always a good sign. The sandwiches and burgers at 113 South Main Street are just wonderful. They even have Mexican entrees and great lake perch. They also have a great selection of beers on tap. The staff are amazing as they will make sure that you are well taken care of and will also take care of any problems in a prompt manner.

Arctic Breakaway Restaurant and Bar

501 Coliseum Drive
Chelsea, MI 48118
(734) 475-9999

This is not your typical sports bar. First of all, the setting is absolutely amazing as it overlooks two ice surfaces. You will never feel like you are squeezed out as you because the eating area is absolutely huge. You will be more than pleased with the menu as they serve more than just bar food, But we highly recommend the pizza at 501 Coliseum Drive, you will not be disappointed. It will take you some time to look over your options in terms of microbrews but that is all part of the fun of being here.

Chelsea Alehouse

420 North Main Street
Chelsea, MI 48118
(734) 475-2337

The choices afforded you on the menu at 420 North Main Street in terms of drinks will astound you. It seems like they have a million brews on tap. No matter who you are, you will always be made to feel at home. So, if you are looking for a place that is not stuffy but instead will let you feel at ease and totally relaxed, you have found it here. Also, there is always something going on in terms of entertainment. At any given time you will find local musicians playing or there are pool tables or you can shoot some darts.