Dearborn Restaurant & Bar Guide

Buddy's Pizza

22148 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 562-5900

Buddy's is a fixture in the Detroit area and the location at 22148 Michigan Avenue is one of the absolute best. Home of their famous square pizza which is over the top delicious, they also have numerous additional menu items if you are so inclined. Other well prepared entrees include pasta dishes, burgers, sandwiches and much more. Expect the freshest of ingredients to be used. And the staff is dedicated, hardworking, and aim to please. Experience the great tradition today.

Al Ameer Arabic Restaurant

12710 West Warren Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 582-8185

Conveniently located in East Dearborn at 12710 West Warren Avenue, this establishment has become a fixture and a go to place for those who desire authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Having been in business for over 25 years now, the quality of the culinary entrees has never waned. Local farmers play a huge role as local fruits and vegetables are sourced. The same goes for the meat selection. You will appreciate the distinct flavors offered here. They also offer smoothies, raw juices, and fresh baked pita bread that is made on the spot.

La Pita

22681 Newman Street
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 563-7482

It is really hard for us to describe the aromas and tastes that you will experience at 22681 Newman Street because they are so varied and so amazing. If you are looking for authentic traditional Lebanese cuisine, you should go no further than this establishment. The ambiance is perfect to immerse yourself in Lebanese culture and the server are very helpful in every way. If you have a question about something, do not hesitate to ask. You will be more than comfortable as you enjoy the entrees and peruse the wine list to find a complementary taste.

Miller's Bar

23700 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 565-2577

One of metro Detroit's most famous bars because of their amazing bar burger. Almost everyone in the area knows about 23700 Michigan Avenue and if you do not, you must have had your head under a rock. If you haven't already, you need to experience the no-frills classic: a thick patty of fresh ground beef on a fresh bun. Of course you can always get a drink from the full bar, but we are serious when we say that the burger is the star here. And when its all over, this is one of the few places left that still works on the honor system where you just tell the bartender what you had and he will tell you what you owe. Don't miss this classic.

Frida Mexican Restaurant

22053 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 451-8698

This place was built on the premise of creating authentic, traditional Mexican food in an environment consistent with cultural traditions. The main objective at 22053 Michigan Avenue is to satisfy all clientele who enter. From the very beginning, the priorities have been set and have not changed: customers always come first. The menu has great variety and even folks that visit from Mexico comment that it compares well with restaurants in Mexico. One more thing, you will love the intimate setting and the friendly and helpful staff.

Andiamo's of Dearborn

21400 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 359-3300

There are so many great things to say about this establishment. The founder and CEO is of Italian-American descent and he chose to base his business on three basic principles: great food, great family, and great zest for life. What has worked for years here and still does is the use of the freshest seasonal ingredients. The menu has a very nice variety including all of the expected Italian dishes and steaks and seafood. You will find anything that you order at 21400 Michigan Avenue to be cooked perfectly and to be presented at your table by a wonderful staff who really care whether you have a satisfactory experience.