Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding our service. If your query is not addressed here, please give us a call so we can provide you an answer!

How long do I need to rent a vehicle for?

Most rentals require a 6 hour minimum rental. Sometimes we are able to make an exception for wedding packages during off-peak hours.

What are your hours of operation?

We answer our phones 24/7 for 365 days a year!

Can I smoke in the vehicle? What about drugs?

All of our vehicles are 100% smoke free. This is to ensure that our upholstery remains in prime condition for you and all of our customers.

Can we drink in the vehicle?

In Michigan, vehicles which display a valid MDOT registration are authorized to allow customers to have open alcoholic beverages in the passenger area. This is one of the best reasons to rent from us, as normal passenger vehicles without this registration are not legally able to accomodate passengers with open alcoholic beverages, regardless of the state of the designated driver.

Where will the bus take us? Is there any limits?

If it fits into your time frame the bus will take you to anywhere that you would like to go.

When do you start the clock charging us? Do we get charged in between stops?

Your time starts when we arrive to your scheduled pick up and it stops at your last drop off.

What condition can the vehicle be left in after we are done with our rental?

We like those who are courteous and leave the vehicle in the same condition in which it was brought to them.

Does the chauffeur know where to take me?

When booking we recommend that you know where you want to go so the chauffeur can map everything out ahead of time. You can change your trip as you go but we can not gurantee the driver will have the address.

What if I leave something on the bus?

We are not responsible for your belongings, but if you think you left something give us a call and we can check our lost and found.

Do you include alcoholic beverages with a rental?

We do not. Limousine companies are not allowed to provide alcoholic beverages to anyone unless the company has a valid Liquor License issued by the LCC. We do provice ice, cups, and paper towel in case you have a spill or need to clean something up.