Livonia Restaurant & Bar Guide

J Alexander's Restaurant

19200 Haggerty Road
Livonia, MI 48152-1074
(734) 464-9220

There is nothing about this beautiful location that you will not love. The best description of this place is that it is a contemporary American restaurant known for its wood-fired cuisine. The philosophy of the owners and staff here is to provide the highest possible quality dining experience. The menu features a wide selection of American classics including prime rib, steaks, fresh seafood, sandwiches and some amazing entree salads. And you don't want to miss the full-service bar which offers anything you might desire.

Mitchell's Fish Market

17600 Haggerty Road
Livonia, MI 48152-2682
(734) 464-3663

What you will find here is one of the most extensive and appealing menus. They offer everything from a lobster roll to a hamburger. But one thing is certain, while you are munching on an amazing entree, you are going to be able to relax in the most inviting decor and atmosphere. It is very quiet and relaxing and the servers have been well trained to make sure that your every need is taken care of. Don't be surprised to have the manager come over to your table to make sure that all is well.

Las Palapas

33308 Plymouth Road
Livonia, MI 48150-1719
(734) 762-7003

Homemade meals await you at Las Palapas. There are even many seafood dishes that are going to absolutely astound you. W eknow you are probably wondering, but yes, all of the classics are here including tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and burritos. And we strongly urge you to sample one of their signature dishes including their fabulous Empapelado Marino-fresh shrimp, scallops and tilapia. And let't face it, doesn't everything taste better covered in queso and believe us, they have some of the best queso around.

Bahama Breeze

19600 Haggerty Road
Livonia, MI 48152-1077
(734) 542-0891

Welcome to Caribbean inspired food. This has to be one of the most unique experiences that you can possibly have. All of the fabulous tropical drinks are handcrafted and you will find a vibrant island atmosphere. In fact, you will be transported to a land far far away. The exploration never stops as you enjoy all of the island flavors and kick back to feel the energy of some awesome live music. And don't worry, you will find your favorite dishes here as the chef loves to introduce patrons to new recipes.

BRAVO Cucino Italiana

17700 Haggerty Road
Livonia, MI 48152
(734) 591-5600

Any talk about this place would not complete without talking about how exceptional the customer service is. The servers take each and every patron very, very seriously and truly aim to please. The food is served family style and the pasta dishes are absolutely out of this world. The preparation of the food is unbelievable and every little detail is take care of and paid attention to. You can't go wrong with anything that you would choose on the menu and there are some very special wines that complement the meals perfectly.

Thomas's Family Dining

33971 Plymouth Road
Livonia, MI 48150-1564
(734) 261-8890

We cannot urge you strongly enough to get to this place as quickly as you possibly can. The warm hospitality and amazing food will make you want to hang around for a bit longer than you normally would. The philosophy here is to always to put the customer first. You don't build a great reputation with smoke and mirrors and this venue has built their reputation on serving high quality homemade food at very reasonable prices in a clean and inviting atmosphere. Check it out soon, you will not be disappointed.