Every date, time, and vehicle has a unique price. For this reason we do not advertise our prices on the web. Our minimum rental allowance is six hours per trip. Please give us a call at any time of the day or night at 734-418-9072, and we can give you more information, book your date, or tell you about one of our value packages. We accept all major credit cards, paypal, and cash.

Typically when you call, our customer service department will first ask you the date and time in which you require service. This helps us considerably because we can narrow it down all of your available options. After that, we can further winnow down the options available based on your other preferences.

Once we have provided you with your quote you will have the option to book or, you may shop around. Also, we encourage you to make an appointment to come in and look at our party buses. We want you to know exactly what you're getting well in advance of your actual service date.

For pricing inquiries or further questions: again, please give us a call at 734-418-907.

For Quotes

Date & Time

Before we can give an accurate quote we must have the date and time that you require service.

Number of People

If you have a lot of people we don't want to waste your time quoting a small party bus.

The type of vehicle

You may have a choice in the type of vehicle available to rent. Let us know you preference!

Luxurious & Affordable

Find the vehicle of your dreams now!