Trenton Restaurant & Bar Guide

Round House BBQ

2760 W Jefferson Avenue
Trenton, MI 48183-2805
(734) 671-6100

Get ready to go into a food coma if you visit this place. And believe us when we say that a food coma is a very good thing indeed. We guarantee you that you have never had better potato skins than what they offer here. There are a great variety of sauces for your perusal as well so we are sure there is one that you are going to love. For barbecue lovers, there offer good old standbys like pulled pork, ribs, brisket and so much more. All we can say is that the food is tremendous and the service matches.

Sibley Gardens

916 W Jefferson Avenue
Trenton, MI 48183-1223
(734) 285-1707

We can't think of anything better than a place that serves amazingly tasty meals. But the fact that this venue has been doing that for over 60 years shows that they have an amazing pedigree. But the quality doesn't stop with the food. The drinks are fantastic and the customer service is unbelievable. And we need to talk about the atmosphere, it is very quiet and relaxing and you don't have to worry about having to our shout someone in order to have a great conversation. Don't miss this gem.


2156 W Jefferson Avenue
Trenton, MI 48183-2113
(734) 692-5888

The major goal of the entire staff at this beautiful venue is to make each and every patron feel at home. This is the absolute perfect place for a great night out. What can you expect when it comes to the menu? You can expect choice cut steaks, fresh seafood, and the most exquisite pasta dishes. And with the great quality that you will receive here, you will be shocked when you look at the prices because they are so reasonable. The full bar here compliments the dining experience so very well so get ready to make some memories.

Tv's Deli & Diner

2441 Fort Street
Trenton, MI 48183-2659
(734) 671-9005

The owners and staff at this phenomenal venue share a love for great food and outstanding service. Everything prepared in this kitchen is entirely made from scratch. The menu is extensive and there is definitely something for everyone. We urge you to sample some of the unique soups which are not only homemade but have won several awards. The expertise of the cooks here are out of this world and they are renowned for their pig roasts. You just can't beat the quality food, exceptional service and decor.

George's Family Restaurant

1721 West Road
Trenton, MI 48183-2607
(734) 675-8680

Your visit here will begin with hospitality. Everyone is treated like a close friend from the time they walk in to the time they leave. Be ready to have some huge portions brought to your table but you won't mind when you sample your food because it is all very tasty. The service staff is exceptional and we can promise you that you will never see the bottom of your glass or cup. While the breakfast food is exceptional, they also have excellent fish and chips. One try and this will become a regular stop for you.

Mom's Restaurant

2691 Fort Street
Trenton, MI 48183-2600
(734) 671-7667

Everything here begins and ends with good quality food. You don't stay in the restaurant business for over 40 years without doing something right. And here they do a lot right including preparing some of the best signature dishes around including Prime Rib and Lobster Tail and even dishes like Salisbury Steak and Stuffed Cabbage. Breakfast is served anytime so if you are a huge breakfast fan you are in the right place. The quality here just can't be beat and that includes the service staff who know their business very well indeed.